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Terms and Conditions

A £40pp or £80pp deposit will be required for UK Events

£250-£500pp deposit required for golfing holidays abroad

The cost of flights is also payable if booked on your behalf

Suitable insurance is mandatory for all golf holidays abroad

Golfers must have a current, bona fide, recognised handicap

Balances must be settled ten weeks prior to any event/holiday

Payments for holidays abroad to be made to the Tour Operator

Fairways cannot accept liability for participation in any UK event

Flight times and golfing arrangements may be subject to alteration

50% refund for UK cancellations if at least six weeks notice is provided

Any event with insufficient numbers may be cancelled and all money refunded

We only accept Debit Cards and not Credit Cards for UK Events (excluding deposits)

Maximum Handicaps are 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies and proof of handicap is required

For all holidays abroad your holiday contract is directly with the ABTA & ATOL Tour Operator

The Tour Operator is responsible for all aspects of your holiday and their Terms & Conditions apply

Links to the appropriate Tour Operator’s Terms & Conditions can be found on each holiday web page

Privacy Policy

We think carefully about our use of personal data.

Here are the details of what we do to protect your privacy.

We only share the information we collect from you e.g. names, address, email, telephone,

with other organisations e.g. golf/tour operators, hotels and golf clubs, in order to fulfil our

obligations regarding the booking of any mixed golfing event or holiday and also use this data

to provide you with details of mixed golfing events and holidays and golf related products and

services that might be of interest to you.

Relevant GDPR processing conditions for using data are consent and/or legitimate interest.

We have taken and will take all reasonable steps to protect your information.

We do not track visits or store IP addresses and do not use cookies.

We do not link to other websites (except Tour Operators) and do not support advertising.

You can contact us at any time to correct or request deletion of your

data and/or to unsubscribe from communications - see the note below.

Contact us 020-8075-2929 or email best@mixedgolf.co.uk

To unsubscribe please send an email to that effect to: best@mixedgolf.co.uk

In the event of any merger, sale, change of control or transfer of assets your data

will be provided to a successor company or new owner in order that any events or

holidays you have booked can be successfully managed and/or you will continue to

receive details of future mixed golfing events and holidays.